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Car Tracker Birmingham - Protect Your Vehicle With A Thatcham Approved Tracker

Vehicle Track Solutions offer insurance and Thatcham-approved Car Trackers Birmingham.  As one of Birmingham’s leading suppliers and fitters of trackers for your car, van fleet, and plant machinery, you can rest assured your vehicle can easily be located and help you recover your vehicle should the unfortunate case of your vehicle being stolen happen.

Here at Vehicle Tracking Solutions we are experts in what we do with over 10 years of experience in vehicle security, supplying and installing car trackers in Birmingham.  We supply and install leading S5 and s7 stolen vehicle car trackers, partnering with brands including Scorpion Track, Meta Trak, Vodafone, SmarTrack, and Tracker.

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Thatcham Approved Car Trackers Birmingham

All our car Trackers are Thatcham approved meaning the Thatcham certification provides reassurance around the functionality, design and performance of our car tracking systems.  The certification or approval falls into a series of different categories – the lower the category number the more protection it provides. By having a Thatcham approved car tracker fitted, its primary aim is to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims and maintain car safety standards and shows insurers that you are responsible and safe on the road, as well as taking extra precautions against the possibility of your vehicle being stolen. The means (but not guaranteed) you should benefit from a lower premium for your insurance in Birmingham.

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S5 Car Trackers Birmingham

S5 car trackers (previously known as category 5) are Thatcham’s highest approved vehicle tracking system available to buy. S5 trackers give maximum security, so perfect if you have a high-value and high-performance vehicle. They are often required by insurance companies for higher value vehicles and usually help reduce your premiums.  If you are looking to equip your vehicle with the highest level of vehicle tracking system, an S5 vehicle tracker is the one for you. Having one fitted means the chances of safely recovering your vehicle should it ever be stolen is much greater.

S7 Car Trackers Birmingham

S7 Trackers replaced the original Category 6 in January 2019. The main aim of these categories being developed is to ensure products can effectively target the steady increase in keyless car theft and relay crime.  The S7 vehicle tracker is insurance-approved and is often the minimum requirement for many high-value vehicles to ensure their policy is valid due to the protection it offers. In some cases, it reduces your insurance premiums as it offers an additional layer of security in the event of your vehicle being stolen.  They allow vehicle owners to successfully pinpoint the location within metres, anytime, and anywhere via their smartphone. They also offer additional value-added features combining extra protection and convenience.

We Supply Car Trackers Birmingham for all Budgets

Our advanced industry knowledge of each tracker, allows us to recommend the best solution for your budget.  Whether you want a simple budget car tracker or a high-end car tracker with advanced features, we have the expertise and resource to give you the best fit.

All our car trackers come with free installation where one of our expert fitters will come and install your tracker at a time and place suitable for you.  With prices starting from as little as £249.00, protect your car today!  0% finance available.

Call Vehicle Tracking Solutions to and speak with one of our experts on 0333 370 3258

Monitor the speed and usage of your commercial vehicle – keeping employees accountable

Live real-time view of all of your vehicles in one place

Extensive journey reporting to analyse past routes taken

Alerts and notifications for excessive speed, idling or harsh driving

Insurance approved trackers - this can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases

Savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning and driver monitoring

Distinguish private and business mileage

Access to updated maps to allow effective journey planning, address search and traffic updates

Improve employee safety & protect your company reputation

Access to your fleet from wherever you are, via the platform or mobile app