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Fleet Management App

Built For Your Business Fleet

Our bespoke fleet management app unlocks powerful data of your company vehicles – giving you maximum productivity and control of your business operations.

Designed to be compatible with cars, vans, HGVs, and other vehicles, no matter the type or size of your business fleet – we have a custom-made solution for you.

With live mapping via your web app or smartphone, alerts and detailed reporting – it is easy to maximise asset utilisation and minimise your operational costs.

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Fleet Management Software

Fleet management, if not done properly, can end up being time-consuming and resource-intensive – having significant negative impacts on your company. Knowing where your vehicles are at all times is essential, so you need to invest in tracking software that is reliable and gives accurate live and historical reporting.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions have developed the perfect fleet management software for your business needs, allowing you to effectively track and manage all the drivers in one place. Whether you run a small fleet of vans or a large operation – we have the expertise to design a tailored, practical solution to meet your requirements.

We will expertly install all of your fleet trackers onto each vehicle at a convenient time. We will work around your drivers – providing a hassle-free, quick installation so you can be back to business in no time.

Have Full Management and Visibility of Your Business Vehicles Wherever They Are

Live Location Monitoring

A real-time view of every vehicle in your fleet in one place.

Streamline Your Operations

The software gives crucial accurate information, allowing you to accurately route and plan ahead carefully, reacting as business needs change

Driver Accountability

Monitor the speed, mileage and any un-authorised usage to keep employees accountable

Fleet Tracking is the ability to track locations of commercial vehicles in real-time wherever they are. A device is installed into each vehicle, allowing you to then pinpoint each vehicle position on your PC or mobile. You can monitor and measure the usage and past journeys all in one place.

Fleet management is responsible for managing a large quantity of commercial vehicles e.g company cars, vans, HGVs. It is usually important logistically to know where each of your vehicle fleet is so that your business can run smoothly.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions take the time to understand the level of reporting you need to run your business.  We design a bespoke package for each individual company to consider the features you need and the total number of vehicles in the fleet.

Transform Your Commercial Driver Management

Live Map Reporting

Pinpoint each vehicle's location within metres from the app available on Desktop and smartphone

Business/Personal Mileage

Easily distinguish between employee’s personal vehicle use and business journeys


Plan ahead effectively to save on fuel costs and unproductive business time

Manage Customer Expectations

Keep your customers informed on the expected time of arrival by tracking their driver's location, taking into account traffic and unexpected delays

Monitor Driver Performance

Keep on top of speeding, driver behaviour and any unauthorised journeys

Journey History & Reporting

View detailed historical trips for your fleet easily

commercial fleet tracking from mobile

Customise and Edit Assets

The fleet management app gives you the ability to easily add a new asset, customise the view settings and even add tasks to complete.

Live Map View

A clear labelled real-time view of every vehicle in your fleet in one place.

fleet tracking pinpoint driver location smartphone
fleet tracking live location app

Journey Planning

Take advantage of savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning.

Journey View

View driver journeys on a live satellite map.

Live Location Monitoring

Get valuable location information on a selected vehicle, with satellite imagery to get an accurate view of the surroundings.

fleet tracking asset name and location
Vehicle tracking solutions software and app

Extensive Journey History

Extensive journey history of your fleet on-demand to analyse past journeys, including arrival times and distance between each event.

Asset Information

See an overview of your assets including model, plan, cost and current state.

Realtime Fleet Tracking

A real-time detailed view of every vehicle's status. It is easy to pinpoint accurately where each asset is, whether driving or parked to within metres.

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fleet tracking location data smartphone

GSM & Energy Data

View key information about the GSM and vehicle battery status.

Event & Task Report

View event and task reports for each asset to get a snapshot view of their working day - what jobs were achieved and time of arrival/finish.

fleet tracking event and tasks
fleet tracking energy inputs and outputs

Input & Output Data

See input and output information to see if your ignition is off or on.

Keep Track of Mileage

View total mileage and engine hours for each vehicle, so you can plan ahead for servicing and ensure vehicle performance is maintained.

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