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Plant Tracking


Looking for a GPS plant tracker? Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides and installs cutting-edge trackers for plant machinery. Our plant and machinery trackers, which are well-liked by farmers and plant hire companies, let you know the precise location of your priceless machines wherever they may be.

Such expensive and important pieces of equipment need to be protected, and installing a tracker that has been approved by Thatcham will give you peace of mind.

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Plant Machinery Vehicle Theft

Plant and machinery theft are more widespread than you might realise, and the financial consequences are a genuine worry for many businesses. Vehicle Tracking Solutions install GPS tracking to locate vehicles within metres of your phone or tablet, preventing the need to find an expensive replacement and its impact on your business.

Monitor the speed and usage of your commercial vehicle – keeping employees accountable

Live real-time view of all of your vehicles in one place

Extensive journey reporting to analyse past routes taken

Alerts and notifications for excessive speed, idling or harsh driving

Insurance approved trackers - this can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases

Savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning and driver monitoring

Distinguish private and business mileage

Access to updated maps to allow effective journey planning, address search and traffic updates

Improve employee safety & protect your company reputation

Access to your fleet from wherever you are, via the platform or mobile app

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Leading GPS Tracker Manufacturers

We provide a well-studied selection of leading manufacturers in the market and provide free professional installation at the place of your choice across a 50-mile radius of the West Midlands. Upgraded features like automatic driver recognition, remote immobilisation, geofencing, and service/maintenance modes are available.

Protect Your Assets

Your company's plant and machinery are significant assets, so they must always be safeguarded and secured. Our selection of plant and machinery trackers are an efficient and cost-effective way to safeguard your equipment.

Why Consider A Plant Tracker?

There are several reasons why you should consider using a plant tracker. Our experts at Vehicle Tracking Solutions have outlined this below…

Improved Fleet Management

By tracking your plant vehicles, you can monitor their location, usage, and performance in real-time. This information can help you optimise fleet management, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.

Increased Security

Plant machinery vehicles are valuable assets that are targeted by thieves. By installing a tracker, you can monitor your vehicles and receive alerts if they are moved without authorisation. This can help you recover stolen vehicles and prevent theft in the first place.

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Enhanced Safety

Plant machinery are often used in hazardous environments, such as construction sites or industrial facilities. By tracking your vehicles, you can ensure that they are being operated safely and within the appropriate parameters.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

These vehicles require regular maintenance to remain in good working condition. By monitoring usage and performance data, you can schedule maintenance more efficiently, reducing downtime and maintenance costs – a benefit that a lot of people don’t think about.

Compliance with Regulations

Some industries, such as construction, have specific regulations around the use and tracking of plant machinery vehicles. By using a tracker, you can ensure that your vehicles comply with these regulations and avoid penalties or fines.

In conclusion, a plant tracker can provide numerous benefits for businesses that rely on these vehicles. By providing real-time visibility, enhanced security, improved safety, reduced maintenance costs, and compliance with regulations, a tracker can help businesses optimise their operations and increase their bottom line.

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Talk To A Specialist

We offer a carefully considered selection of the top market manufacturers and offer free, skilled national installation at the location of your choice. There are modern features including remote immobilisation, geofencing, automatic driver recognition, and service/maintenance modes.

Locate Fleet Vehicles in Real Time

Set Monthly Cost

Decrease Private Vehicle Use

Reduce Fuel Costs

Custom Reporting

Locate Fleet Vehicles in Real Time

Geofencing Notifications

Web portal and mobile app

Improve Driver Productivity

Accurate ETAs

Driver Behaviour Alerts

Overseas Tracking