Meta Trak S7 – Caravan


  • Free nationwide Installation at your chosen location
  • Price includes 1 year subscription
  • Insurance & Thatcham approved
  • Europe-wide coverage
  • 24/7 secure operating centre monitoring
  • Live real-time tracking via a smartphone app
  • journey history/scoring via app or web
  • Instant alerts
  • Privacy mode
  • Battery voltage status
  • 3-year warranty

Subscription options (1st year Included in Install price) 

This Thatcham-approved S7 caravan tracker is an excellent choice if needing to protect your vehicle, being one of the most advanced on the market. In some cases, an S7 graded tracker will be a requirement in your insurance companies policy. As well as Meta Trak giving 24/7 control room monitoring, you also have access to the advanced features through your mobile app and web portal.

Tracker price: £399