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Thatcham Approved Tracker Fitting

What is a Thatcham Approved Tracker?

Thatcham is the leading authority on security products in the automotive industry. They have been testing and approving aftermarket vehicle tracking systems since 1992.

Thatcham approved vehicle trackers are GPS devices that are independently tested to determine them as being highly effective and safe.

It is becoming more common for insurance providers to require you to have a vehicle tracking system is fitted before they can offer you a policy with the relevant cover. This is usually insisted upon if you have a high-value, desirable vehicle that is at risk of being stolen.

Thatcham approved trackers are devices that have gone through rigorous safety testing and consequently deemed safe and effective to use for insurance purposes.

Why Do You Need a Thatcham Vehicle Tracker?

Thatcham Vehicle trackers are very popular due to the significant increase in car theft year on year. With the technology advancements, thieves make use of this technology in methods such as relay attacks on keyless entry cars, which could mean your car is out of sight within 60 seconds.

An insurance approved tracker is one of the best ways to give you peace of mind that you are equipped with a theft prevention method and can recover your car swiftly if it is stolen.

Benefits of Thatcham Approved Trackers

A Thatcham approved vehicle tracker far outweighs effectiveness when compared to a factory inbuilt or other aftermarket security device.

The huge benefit of having an insurance approved tracker is that it usually results in a significant cost reduction on your insurance premium (up to 20%), as the car has less risk associated with it once installed.

Thatcham approved car trackers are carefully designed to be effective security devices. They have sophisticated features to prevent theft or act in swiftly recovering the vehicle. The Thatcham car trackers are monitored by a 24/7 control centre – on hand to respond to alerts as needed. All brands also come with a mobile app to allow you to monitor the exact location of your vehicle.

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Fitting Your S5/S7 Vehicle Tracker

S5 and S7 vehicle trackers are recommended to be installed by a Thatcham recognised installer such as Vehicle Tracking Solutions. S5 Vehicle Trackers are the highest Thatcham category available on the market, and they come with driver recognition systems, giving access to the car to the designated driver only. We supply a wide range of recognised brands including Meta Trak, Vodafone, Smartrack, Scorpion Track and more.

With all the vehicle tracker systems we fit, we offer free nationwide installation at a time and place to suit you – at your home, place of work or even from a car dealership. We also offer a payment instalment option with 0% interest.

Our friendly and professional fitters install within two hours and will run through the useful features and explain how to get the most out of your vehicle tracker. We are then only a phone call away after the installation has been completed to answer any questions that may arise.

Contact us if you need some advice on the best insurance approved vehicle tracker to have fitted, speak to us today.