Vehicle Tracking Device Solihull

Vehicle Tracking Device Solihull. It's crucial to keep your car secure, and you can do that in Solihull with one of our vehicle tracking systems. It has been claimed that an astounding 108,542 vehicles were illegally taken in 2022, more than doubling from the previous year. Invest in a car tracking system in Solihull from Vehicle Tracking Solutions right away to avoid being one of these statistics.

What Is A Vehicle Tracking Device in Solihull?

Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers a variety of vehicle tracking tools in Solihull to protect your private and business vehicles from theft and make it easier to locate and deliver them.

Modern GPS, VHF, and GSM technologies are used by our vehicle tracking systems to deliver consistent, accurate location data. All equipment is constantly monitored by a specialised control centre, which is prepared to take the necessary steps and contact local police forces as necessary.

We offer S5, S7, car, caravan, truck, motorcycle, motorhome and plant/machinery trackers, as well as trackers for vans and trucks. Go here to learn more.

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Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking Device

If the unthinkable happens and someone steals your car without your permission, you may find it immediately away and report its whereabouts to the relevant authorities for a speedy recovery. If your business requires a car tracking system, tracking devices enable you to constantly monitor the whereabouts of personnel vehicles. to monitor driver positions, mileage, and client deliveries.

By monitoring your vehicle tracking system, you can use it to provide specific drop-off times whenever a customer calls to ask about the whereabouts of their delivery. Additionally, a vehicle tracking device in Birmingham enables you to monitor any children who use your car and gives you the assurance that they are always safe.

Monitor the speed and usage of your commercial vehicle – keeping employees accountable

Live real-time view of all of your vehicles in one place

Extensive journey reporting to analyse past routes taken

Alerts and notifications for excessive speed, idling or harsh driving

Insurance approved trackers - this can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases

Savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning and driver monitoring

Distinguish private and business mileage

Access to updated maps to allow effective journey planning, address search and traffic updates

Improve employee safety & protect your company reputation

Access to your fleet from wherever you are, via the platform or mobile app

All our Vehicle Tracking Devices in Birmingham are Thatcham Accredited

Thatcham Certified!

Thatcham Approved Trackers' effectiveness and security have been validated by extensive safety testing. Having a Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking system in Solihull is very desirable to insurers and can occasionally result in lower insurance premiums because it increases the likelihood that your car will be found if it is unfortunate enough to be stolen. Insurance companies are becoming more and more reluctant to honour your insurance unless you have a car tracker that has been authorised by Thatcham.

S7 Tracker

An S7 car tracker, which uses the most up-to-date technology, provides you with a variety of sophisticated security features and is the best vehicle tracking device in Solihull. They make it possible for drivers to accurately pinpoint a vehicle's location on their smartphone at any time and from any location, within a few metres. They also offer value-added features that combine increased comfort and security.

Due to the protection it provides, insurance companies have authorised the S7 car tracker, and it is frequently the absolute minimum need for many high-value vehicles to verify that their coverage is legitimate. In some circumstances, it lowers your insurance costs because it provides an additional degree of security in the event that your car is stolen.

We provide S7 vehicle tracking devices in Birmingham at Vehicle Tracking Solutions to provide the highest levels of protection for your car
Our S5 vehicle tracking devices in Birmingham are crucial to defend your car from thieves. But yours today from Vehicle Tracking Solutions

S5 Tracker

When it comes to security, S5 trackers offer the greatest level, making them essential for owners of high-end, high-performance vehicles. Insurance companies generally require them for automobiles with higher values, and they typically cut your expenses. You need an S5 vehicle tracking device in Solihull if you want to provide your car with the greatest vehicle monitoring system possible. You have a much higher chance of safely recovering your automobile if it is ever stolen if one is fitted.

For all of our S5 trackers, our qualified engineers offer free nationwide installation, giving you the assurance that your device is set up and working correctly. For expert advice on the finest S5 vehicle tracker for you, give us a call or fill out one of our contact forms.

Get More Information on Vehicle Tracking Devices in Solihull

Purchasing a vehicle tracking system in Solihull is essential if you want to protect your vehicles from theft and ensure their safe return. If you'd like further details, get in touch with us right away via our website or by calling our staff at 0333 370 3258.