Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Being able to track your vehicle is vital should it be stolen. That’s how we can help at Vehicle Track Solutions. Especially with vans and other commercial vehicles, its what’s inside them that is important, and when you use your vehicle for work, ensuring you can find them if they are stolen is crucial. That is why we sell Commercial Vehicle Tracking devices for our clients all over the country to protect not just their vehicles, but their businesses.

What Is A Commercial Vehicle Tracking Device?

Vehicle Track Solutions provides Commercial Vehicle Tracking to keep your commercial vehicles safe from vandalism and to efficiently locate and return them.

To ensure constant accurate location accuracy, our vehicle tracker systems use cutting-edge GPS, VHF, and GSM technologies. A specialised control centre monitors all equipment around the clock, ready to take appropriate action and communicate with local law enforcement as needed.

S5, S7, Car Trackers, Caravan Trackers, Lorry/Van Trackers, Motorbike Trackers, Motorhome Trackers, and Plant/Machinery Trackers are among our tracking devices. Further information can be found here.

What Are Commercial Vehicles?

The phrase commercial vehicle refers to a vehicle whose primary function is to deliver goods or commodities rather than passengers. A commercial vehicle can typically carry two, three, or more passengers, but behind the seating is something meant to carry materials or tow anything heavy, and this characteristic will comprise the majority of the commercial vehicle.

There are a variety of Commercial Vehicles that can benefit from Commercial Vehicle Tracking including:

  • Double Cab-in-Van
  • Pick up Van
  • Dropside Van
  • Tipper van

Monitor the speed and usage of your commercial vehicle – keeping employees accountable

Live real-time view of all of your vehicles in one place

Extensive journey reporting to analyse past routes taken

Alerts and notifications for excessive speed, idling or harsh driving

Insurance approved trackers - this can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases

Savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning and driver monitoring

Distinguish private and business mileage

Access to updated maps to allow effective journey planning, address search and traffic updates

Improve employee safety & protect your company reputation

Access to your fleet from wherever you are, via the platform or mobile app

our commercial vehicle tracking devices are perfect to monitor drivers and locations

Importance Of Investing In Commercial Vehicle Tracking

We provide a carefully selected choice of renowned Commercial Vehicle Tracking vendors, including ScorpionTrack, Meta Trak, Vodafone Automotive, Tracker, and SmarTrack, all of which are Thatcham S5 or S7 approved devices. The Thatcham categories were created primarily to tackle the alarming rise in keyless vehicle theft and car relay assaults. They are widely acknowledged and accepted for their effectiveness in safeguarding and identifying automobiles.

As a result, insurers will typically lower your insurance costs on high-value vehicles since they will recognise you as a responsible owner, and there is a great possibility that your vehicle will be recovered promptly if stolen. With all of the Commercial Vehicle Tracking systems we install, we provide free nationwide installation at a time and location convenient for you - at your home, workplace, or both.

What This Means For Business Owners

Commercial Vehicle Tracking systems have become more affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses thanks to recent advancements and breakthroughs in GPS technology.

Commercial vehicle tracking systems enable the business owner or fleet manager to find the cars in their fleet at any time and from any location in the world. Fleet managers can examine real-time location and extra information about their cars, such as fuel level, speed, address, and prior routes, using tracking devices for up to 3 months. If your company relies extensively on vehicles, machinery, and drivers, investing in vehicle tracking may help you save money, improve customer happiness, and increase profitability.

Other benefits of Commercial Vehicle Tracking include:


Monitor driver behaviour:

Using a commercial vehicle tracking system has the potential to influence drivers to develop better driving habits. Drivers are key assets for fleet companies, and it is critical that they remain safe while performing their duties. A vehicle tracker can assist a driver with maintaining a consistent speed, anticipating traffic, preventing excessive behaviour such as over-speeding, and compensating drivers for their hours of work.


Reduce fuel costs:

On a weekly basis, businesses with car fleets spend a significant amount of money on gasoline expenditures. Fleet managers can use GPS tracking systems to identify shorter routes for their drivers throughout the day with less traffic, allowing them to travel less distance for their deliveries. Customers are happier when they receive their orders faster. Furthermore, managers can use the data provided to alert over-speeding drivers and set speed thresholds for their fleets.


Improve customer satisfaction:

Always boosting client happiness is one of the most critical components in expanding your business. Customers want speedier delivery of the goods or services they have purchased. Employing a Commercial Vehicle Tracking system can provide your clients with real-time vehicle location information and ensure that deliveries arrive on time. You may build close ties with your clients by providing them with exceptional service.

commercial vehicle tracking systems from Vehicle Track Solutions

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