Vehicle GPS tracking

Looking for Vehicle GPS tracking? Vehicle Tracking Solutions install cutting-edge tracking technology at a time and place to suit you. We are convenient and trusted with many clients around the West Midlands.

GPS Tracking

Advanced GPS, VHF, and GSM technology is used by vehicle tracking systems to provide constant pinpoint location precision. A specialised control centre keeps an eye on all equipment around-the-clock, ready to take appropriate action and get in touch with local police forces as needed. Also, you get real-time smartphone alerts for any unauthorised actions, such as tamper and tow-away alerts, so you can always be sure of the status of your vehicle no matter where you are.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

We are a driven family-run firm with more than 10 years of experience in tracker installation and tracker supply.

Having created a custom fleet management software platform to track your company vehicles, we are at the forefront of vehicle security. With the help of our partnerships with companies like Scorpion Track, Meta Trak, Vodafone, SmarTrack, and Tracker, we also supply and install top S5 and S7 stolen vehicle trackers with the latest cutting edge technology.

We provide vehicle GPS tracking to ensure you keep your car safe

Now more than ever, it's simple and effective to monitor and protect your car with a car tracker.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers a wide selection of car trackers for various uses, whether you need to register the history of your personal or company vehicles, watch their daily activities in real-time, or even provide extra protection.

Lowering Vehicle Insurance

Has an insurance company requested that you install a car tracker? To get over contemporary factory-installed security, car thieves have updated their techniques. Thieves may now easily steal cars in seconds thanks to methods like "relay attack," and a disturbing proportion of these stolen vehicles are never found. Using one of our carefully chosen Vehicle GPS tracking devices can assist in the immediate recovery of your vehicle if it has been stolen. Each vehicle tracker we install at Vehicle Tracking Solutions has its own range of benefits.

Monitor the speed and usage of your commercial vehicle – keeping employees accountable

Live real-time view of all of your vehicles in one place

Extensive journey reporting to analyse past routes taken

Alerts and notifications for excessive speed, idling or harsh driving

Insurance approved trackers - this can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases

Savings on fuel costs with precise journey planning and driver monitoring

Distinguish private and business mileage

Access to updated maps to allow effective journey planning, address search and traffic updates

Improve employee safety & protect your company reputation

Access to your fleet from wherever you are, via the platform or mobile app

There are lots of benefits to vehicle GPS tracking including being able to view your car from any device and at any time

Benefits of GPS Tracking

There are many benefits of vehicle GPS trackers, below are some to name a few:

  • You can view your tracking device from your laptop, computer tablet or smartphone to see your vehicles in real-time.
  • You may set up motion alerts at any moment and view any past tracking data, including timings, precise positions, and speed.
  • Your personal monitoring app and mapping panel are completely accessible to you. enabling you to coordinate and monitor your auto trackers from any location!

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