Van Tracker Birmingham

Vehicle Track Solutions install van trackers in Birmingham. What’s more, we install within a 50 miles radius from our HQ in the West Midlands, meaning we can get to thousands of customers. With van trackers being a sought-after security choice, the mass market of products often confuses buyers.

At Vehicle Track Solutions, we aim to help make your decision simple, quick, and easy.

With a van being broken into every 23 minutes*, be sure to secure your vehicle today!

*Source: RAC

Birmingham Van Trackers

With Birmingham being a van theft hotspot, it’s a wise idea to get your van fitted with the latest GPS tracking system. Researchers have estimated that by 2030, van theft will have nearly doubled to around 20,531 in the UK.

If you have a van, and you live in the Birmingham area, Vehicle Track Solutions are right on your doorstep to get your van or fleet fully equipped for theft.

Van fleet with S5 Trackers
Van Fleet Protected by S5 Trackers

S5 or S7 Tracker? Read more here

Thatcham Approved Van Trackers

As van and lorry owners, we are aware of how crucial it is to feel at ease whenever our vehicles are parked up. Alongside valuable belongings, our livelihood is often stowed in the cargo, meaning thousands of pounds worth of tools and machinery could too be stolen.

We have combined simplicity and security to keep your priceless vehicle and belongings safe with accurate live location tracking from your smartphone or tablet.

Thatcham-approved van trackers are the most recognised by insurers. Passing stringent tests, any product that is ‘Thatcham approved’ is a gold stamp of approval.

S5 & S7 Van Trackers Birmingham

Both S5 and S7 Van Trackers are available from us; they are frequently required to be installed for insurance purposes and occasionally result in lower premiums for high-value vans.

Along with the regular location tracking and control centre supervision. Upgraded features including automatic driver recognition, remote immobilisation, geofencing, and privacy/service modes are available as options. All of our van trackers are affordable and give you the much-needed assurance that your vehicle is traceable in the UK and beyond.

Vehicle Tracker Installation in 3 Easy Steps

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Tracker Van Tracker
Meta Track Van Tracker
Vodafone Van Tracker
Smar Track Van Tracker
Smar Track Van Tracker
Smartphone GPS Van tracker Birmingham

S7 Tracker

S7 van trackers are the minimum requirement for high-value lorries and vans to receive a valid insurance policy. Vehicle Track Solutions are proud to offer free installation on the following S7 trackers:

SmarTrack S7 – Lorry/Van

ScorpionTrack S7 – Lorry/Van

Tracker Locate S7 – Lorry/Van

Tracker S7 Vantage – Lorry/Van

Vodafone S7 Protect & Connect – Lorry/Van

Meta Trak S7 – Lorry/Van


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