How Plant Machinery Trackers Work

Tracking plant machinery - Vehicle Tracking Solutions, West Midlands

Plant machinery trackers are an essential tool in the construction industry, helping businesses to protect their valuable assets from theft and damage. These trackers work by using GPS technology to monitor the location and movements of machinery in real-time, enabling businesses to keep track of their assets at all times. How Plant Trackers Work The…

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Motorhome Theft – What’s The Best Security?

Protect Motorhome from Theft

Motorhome theft has been on the increase since covid. During this time, many of us invested in vehicles such as campervans to escape on a British seaside retreat in style. With the weather getting warmer and the summer holidays fast approaching, criminals are on the lookout again for the opportunity to bag these valuable vehicles……

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Thatcham Vehicle Trackers – S5 or S7?

Vehicle fitted with Thatcham Vehicle Tracker

We want you to fit your vehicles with the highest approved Thatcham vehicle tracker. Both the S5 & S7 are brilliant devices but you may wonder what the best tracker is to fit your circumstances. This article is written to educate you on S5 & S7 Thatcham vehicle trackers so you can make your decision…

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The 3G Shutdown

Vehicle GPS system

Is Your Car Affected? This year thousands of drivers will be affected following the planned shutdown of outdated 3G networks which will affect the connection of dozens of vehicle models from 2010 to as most recent as 2021. The once dominating and innovated 3G network has now become outdated and replaced by 5G and even…

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Top 10 Postcodes for Car Theft

Car thefts by postcode

Birmingham is one of them – including the four models’ thieves are stealing     Vehicle thefts across England and Wales have soared by more than a fifth in the last three years, however, vehicle crime varies wildly depending on the area. The UK’s top 10 postcodes for car thieves and which motors are getting…

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Put The Brakes On Car and Van Theft

vehicle tracker installer

Did you know………….. 74,769 vehicles were reported stolen to the DVLA in 2020 – an average of 205 per day with 93% of all recorded thefts accounted for from relay attacks. What is a relay attack theft? A relay attack theft involves the use of technology to pick up the signal from a key inside…

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0% Interest-Free Finance Now Available On Our Vehicle Trackers

0% finance on car trackers

Looking for a quality vehicle tracking device and system to protect your vehicle but don’t want to compromise on quality because of your budget? Vehicle Car Tracking Solutions have a wide selection of car trackers available. Whether you are looking for a simple budget GPS tracker or a high-end model with advanced features, we have…

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Our New Vehicle Tracking Site Is Live!

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Our new Tracker site Vehicle Tracking Solutions is now LIVE so please take a look!  We have extensive experience and knowledge within vehicle security from Fitting Ghost Immobilisers as part of Car Theft Solutions – we can advise on the best solution and fit your tracking device at a convenient time and place to suit you. Bespoke…

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